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Dave Heyninck

Born in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium on 18/04/1985.
Graduated as restaurant chef and worked in the finest restaurants of my neighbourhood.

In 2009 started me and my dad a BBQ team.
We compete with our team over whole the world and won very prestige prices.
2017 was the year that i start to write recipes for "BBQmagazine" and that i start to share my passion with BBQ workshops in the HORTA stores.
In 2019 Traeger Europe ask me to cook and take picture of my dishes as a influencer.
Now i'm a well know Traeger guy in Belgium and a speaking point  for users and dealers that need advice in cooking/buying/selling.
2020 is the year that we started ROOK.

ROOK is a concept to share divergent way's of BBQ and to share or passion of outdoor cooking with workshops/teambuildings and dealer bootcamps.

And offcourse we organize one of the biggest BBQ contest in Belgium every year!



A family BBQteam with passion

Belgisch kampioen varkenskroontje op de grill 2013
Belgisch Kampioen culinair BBQ 2015
Nederlands Kampioen culinair WBQA 2016
Reserve grand champion Nederlands kampioenschap culinair WBQA 2017
Reserve world champion WBQA Beef Brisket 2017 (Ireland)
Grand Champion (vuur en vlees) KCBS 2018
Jack Daniels world championship 2018 (USA)
2nd place cooking from the homeland (The Jack)
7th place chicken in Europe 2019 (EBCC)

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